SInce its inception in 2014, CHAMP has produced a large and varied selection of events and workshops. From self-initiated projects to external commissions, CHAMP has worked with many Bristol based organisations and is enthusiastic about the thriving creative culture the city has to offer.



Friends of CHAMP

Selected Exhibitions and Events.


2016 Champ Presents: (F)Lawless. The Internet. The World. Bristol Biennial Festival Commission, in collaboration with Carina Ahlskog.

2016 Champ Presents: Ringside Outside. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Collective Exhibition.

2016 Champ Presents: A Rubbish Party. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Evening of art and music.

2016 Champ Presents: The Summoning. Arnolfini, Bristol UK. Performance commission for Howling Owl Records event 'New Year New Noise'.

2015 Champ Presents: Offpeak. 123 Space, Bristol UK. Evening of art and music.

2015 Champ Presents: Dawn’s Chorus. The Control Room, Bristol UK. Group performance.

2015 Champ Presents: The Ascent.  Novers Hill, Bristol UK. Commission from Knowle West Media Centre

2015 Champ Presents: Ringside Studios. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Group Exhibition.

2015 Champ Presents: Filth Noise. St John the Baptist Crypt, Bristol UK. Evening of soundscapes and experimental sound by selected external artists.

2015 Champ Presents: The Great Nepalese Dining Experience. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Immersive dining event/fundraiser for Secret Garden Disaster Relief in Nepal.

2015 Champ Presents: Losers Never Win, Winners Never Quit. Grain Barge, Bristol UK. Evening of interactive games and instructed performance.

2015 Champ Presents: Outsider. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Three part film series exploring theme of ‘the outsider in society’.

2015 Paying Artists Relay. Arnolfini. Bristol UK.

2015 Champ Presents: Sardines. Spike Island. Bristol UK. Pop-up performance during Spike Island Open Studios.

2015 Champ Presents: Rounders. Horfield Common, Bristol UK. Public sports event for A-N Paying Artists campaign.

2015 Champ Presents: The Takeover. Pipe & Slippers, Bristol UK. Evening of interactive art, games and music.

2015 Champ Presents: Public Art (Now)- In Conversation. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Public live streaming event of panel discussion in Whitechapel Gallery. In association with Situations UK.

2015 Champ Presents: Dry Run. SS Great Britain, Bristol UK. Installationby Karanjit Panesar in association with Bristol Ferry and Grain Barge.

2015 Champ Presents: Buriers plus support. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Evening of music and spoken word.

2015 Champ Presents: Nothing is as healing as the human touch. Pitt Road, Bristol UK. Evening of food and chess inspired by Japanese culture.

2015 Champ Presents: Live. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Residency showcase and live painting event.

2015 Champ Presents: Sofar Sounds. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Evening of live music in association with Sofar Bristol.

2015 Champ Presents: The Champ Experience. Spike Island, Bristol UK. An evening of action, performance and instruction. In association with Spike Island and Spike Associates.

2015 Champ Presents: Ball Experiment #1. Riverside Park, Bristol UK. Interactive development of new CHAMP ball game.

2014 Champ Presents: Dial Up. The Cavern Club, Bristol UK. Internet themed evening with music and interactive art, fundraiser for Ringside Studios.

2014 Champ Presents: Youth in Revolt. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK. Three part film series exploring youth culture.



Performances, Talks and Workshops.


2017 'CHAMP Presents: The Coming of the Dark', Arnolfini, Bristol UK. A workshop in gate-making for Howling Owl New Year New Noise Weekend.

2016 'CHAMP Presents: Meet the Puppets' Participatory puppet making workshop and procession. Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park UK

2016 'A City Without Artists' Panel Discussion. Spike Island, Bristol UK.

2015 Young Arnolfini: Champ lead workshop on collaboration for 16-25 year olds. Arnolfini, Bristol UK.

2015 ‘Chalk as Cheese: An Introduction to Pataphys- ics’. Performative lecture for University of Bristol History of Art Society.

2015 Voice as performance workshop with Alice Human, facilitated by Champ. Loft 6D, Bristol UK.

2015 'Artist-led Collectives: Sustainable Futures' Panel Discussion for Bristol and Bath Art Weekender. American Museum, Bath UK.

2015 Creative Hub: co-design workshop with local young people, facilitated by Champ. Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol UK.

2015 Situations Lunch Club: Champ as guest speakers, facilitated by Situations UK. Spike Island, Bristol UK.

2015  Dance and movement workshop with Maisha Kungu, facilitated by Champ. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK.

2015 Performance workshop with Sara Zaltash, facilitated by Champ. Ringside Studios, Bristol UK.

2015 Talk not talk #1 (BAD LUCK), performance of ‘Champ Presents: the Champ CV’. Greenbank, Bristol UK.



Hosted Residencies.


2015 Patch Plummer.

Illustrator Patch was invited to transform the large shutter door of Ringside Studios with the theme of ‘CHAMP’. 2 day micro-residency. Materials provided.


2015 Francesco Polazzi.

Painter Francesco was invited to inhabit Ringside Studios for 1 week, in which he painted the interior surfaces. 1 week residency culminating in ‘live painting’ event and showcase of the work produced during the residency. Materials, food and board provided.